Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Betty!!!

I can't believe I missed it!!!
Wednesday, September 15th was the 100th Anniversary of Betty Neels Birthday!!!
How could I miss such a fabulous occasion?? I am so putting this date on my calendar for next year.
This probably explains why I have been thinking about Betty and her books all week.
I just read a wonderful blog post about Betty Neels and her writing. The author of the post brings up a lot of interesting points about Betty herself and the type of books she wrote.
Check out the post at Bettysday

I have reprinted below just a little piece of the blog because I love it:
In preparation for Bettysday, I had two t-shirts made.  The first reads:
Betty Neels:
1910 - Born in Devon, England
1930s - Trains as a nurse & midwife
1940s - Serves in WWII, marries Dutch patriot
1950s - Works as a nurse in Holland
1960s - Retires from nursing; writes first romance novel
1970s-90s - Writes 133 more romance novels
2001 - Dies peacefully in hospital

Bettysday 9 - 15 - 2010 

The second one seems more personalized; it reads:

Betty Neels was 59
when she wrote her
first romance novel.

I still have time

 excerpt from Bettysday post

OMG!! I totally want and gotta have that second t-shirt!
Hmm...maybe I need to make my own t-shirt???
How about:     Get your Betty on!!
                        There's still time!
Just a thought...Peace, Love, and Betty, y'all!

For more info on Betty Neels check out her Wiki page  and her Squidoo page (I love this page because it has some of the original artwork for her books)


  1. LOL
    Wow! I can't believe she was 59 when she started! There is still hope for moi!

  2. Yep! That's what I thought when I found out her age. I feel like a slacker. Betty had a full career as a nurse and theeeeen she became a writer!

  3. Wow, "malodorous," yikes! This does ring a recent bell, sorry don't remember which book, but I can't believe even Betty's haughty heroes would say something quite that bad... >:) Thank you so much for this beautiful blog! I've read dozens of Betty's books, don't feel right unless one of them is sitting nearby. Such a delicious and comforting fantasy... I once wrote to Harlequin and suggested they publish a Betty Neels Cookbook, but they never responded... Everyone's so excited that Betty was 59 when she started writing--yup, we can keep procrastinating! >:) Neelsgirl

  4. Hey -- thanks so much for the shout-out. (Sorry I'm six months late. But we can never be too late: that's surely the lesson The Great Betty teaches us.)

    If you want a copy of either t-shirt, let me know and I can make it so you can order then on Zazzle.

    Magdalen (at)