Friday, April 23, 2010

My Current Betty......An Old Fashioned Girl

Published in 1992, An Old Fashioned Girl is Betty's 111th book.

The blurb on the back says:
How could she make him notice her?

Patience knew she couldn't be more different form the sort of women Dutch surgeon Julius van der Beek seemed to attract. After all she was a quiet country girl with a somewhat unique taste in clothes - and an assertive personality to match! Yet she was attracted to him. Not that she had a hope of making him notice her, particularly with the glamorous Sylvia van Teule already at his side. . .

Sooooo, I have read this book before...numerous times. As I've said before I like Betty's books because they're relaxing. Her books and a few others, including Pride and Prejudice (check out my P&P blog), are books that I read when I can't find anything new that looks interesting.

Anyhoo, as I read this book, this time, I'm going to note places and meals, I find the meals fascinating at times, and do little blogettes about them....eventually.

TTFN (TaTa for Now)

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