Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pictures of the Netherlands

Fabulous Panoramic Pics of the Netherlands

This link leads to lots of wonderful panoramic pics taken in the Netherlands. The country that Betty loved to have her doctors based in, more or less.

This is the blurb written at the top of the page for these pics:
Some panoramas made in the Netherlands
Flash (or QuickTime ) is necessary to view these panoramas.
The (strange looking) images below are spherical projections.
Click on any of these images to view the corresponding panorama.
In such a panorama you can view in any direction. Use the mouse or left/right/up/down arrows.
Use SHIFT to zoom in, CTRL to zoom out.

The panoramas are really fabulous! I have no idea how it works but I wish I could do it.
Check them out!
These pics are panoramas of Windmills

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