Monday, May 30, 2011

What the heck is an Aga?

from  Only By Chance
He had inherited the house from her, and had altered nothing save to have some unobtrusive modernising of the kitchen. He disliked central heating, but the house was warm; the Aga in the kitchen never went out and there were fires laid in every room, ready to be lighted.

Okay, was it just me? or did others wonder.....What the heck is an Aga? Betty mentions Agas in a number of books and while I figured out generally that it was a type of stove, I eventually had to go look it up.
Sooooo, for anyone that has been wondering, check out these pics and links....and of course, there's a Youtube vid!

According to Wiki:
The AGA cooker is a stored-heat stove and cooker invented in 1929 by the Nobel Prize-winning Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalén (1869–1937

How an Aga Works ...

More Aga info and pics...


  1. Hi, La! This is Lu! Thanks for the research. I was pleasantly surprised to see an Aga on an HGTV show. One thing I would like to research is the clothing Betty described (i.e., Gina Fratini models?). I imagine they were all 70s fashions, even in the books written in the 90s.
    (Currently reading simultaneously: "Winter of Change" and "Wish With the Candles"...I keep a book upstairs and one downstairs).

  2. Lu, I plan to look into some of the fashions eventually but the food is much more fun :-P
    Of course, you have one book upstairs and one downstairs....doesn't everyone???

  3. Love the information about the Aga! My other favorite author, Essie Summers also uses them a lot in her books.

  4. I saw a documentation on Aga cookers on tv a long time ago. Very interesting. Some people shut off their Aga (the gas kind) for the summer, which makes sense because the Aga is "on" and giving off heat the whole time all the time.
    I was wondering about Gina Fratini, too.
    Who was Gina Fratini?
    Pictures on
    Scroll down and look for pictures of fashion items designed by Gina Fratini. There is a photo of her as well - along with nine other fashion designers of the time.