Friday, June 10, 2011

Betty Neels and ebooks

Yes, I love the feel of a paperback book.
I loooove seeing stacks of books all around me.
It's my idea of interior design (I think bookstores are beautiful!).....but I hate, hate, hate moving books!!! Take it from someone who has moved numerous times.....books are darned heavy!!

So, when ebooks came out ....well, I was a mite resistant at first....I mean, the first thing I thought of was a future with NO PAPER BOOKS (shudder) only digital readers and such.
The thought was and is horrifying!
But..... I admit it , I finally broke down and bought an ereader and I LOVE it!!!!
Oh, the joy of carrying hundreds of books with me wherever I just gives me a thrill :-D
Did I mention that my new cell phone has a Mobipocket Reader app??? Whooohooo....54 books on the cell phone....Life is Good!!!

Anyhoo, my fellow Betty lovers, of course, I had to have my Betty's in eformat.
I am happy to say that you can find Betty's books at a number of ebook sellers. The prices are vary reasonable. The most expensive ebook was $3.99.

Diesel eBook Store carries 27 Betty titles. Their books are available in a variety of formats Mobipocket, Adobe PDF, Palm, Microsoft Reader and ePub.

Barnes and Noble also has 27 Betty's available for their NOOK book.

And Amazon carries , take a guess, yep, 27 Betty books for their Kindle.

And, yes...again, they seem to be the SAME 27 books.
While I appreciate the fact that they have ANY Betty Neels available as ebooks, you would think that they could come up with a little more variety.

And I am not even going to mention the fact....hmmm.... apparently I am going to mention it.... that Ms. Betty wrote 134 books!!!  Yet, they only carry 27.... amazing!

But, looking on the bright side, at least they have a few of them and maaaaaaybe someday, if we're good,  they will come out with all 134 books!
Sigh.... a woman can dream.......

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